Clash of Clans is a game developed by the Supercell. This game knows how to hook up the players to it for a long time. You will never get bored of this game as with every leveling up you will be unlocking new troops or spells or elixirs. Gems are considered to be a very vital part of this game and a way to proceed to a high level so here in this game, we are going to let you know the best way to spend these gems.

Ways to spend the Clash of Clan gems

As it is always recommended to spend the gems properly so people get quite confused about where they should spend it. As you can use these gems for getting almost everything so to make anything the first priority is a bit tricky. So let’s see how to spend these gems in this game.

Builders: You can always buy some more builders if you have very few of them. In order to add the 4th or 5th builder, in the beginning, you will need to upgrade the town hall. Upgrading the lab or the walls will require time or resources but does not depend much on the additional help from the extra builders. When you will reach the highest stages you will have to pay more money for every upgradation. So the cost of the 5th builder is unreasonably high when you compare them to other stuff.

Dark elixir: When you will be having at least 4 Builders then you should move next to buying of the dark elixir. There are two things that you should acquire for buying these dark elixirs and they are: you need to buy the hero troop that is the Archer queen and the Barbarian king. You can purchase the barbarian king when you will be at the Town Hall level 7. Raiding the dark elixir becomes higher when you will be on the level 7 of the town hall. So it is also quite hard to protect the dark elixir from the attack. With more upgrades, the hero unit will also get special abilities. So always keep the gems stored for the later upgradation. The troops of dark elixir will unlock at The Town Hall level 7. They can easily change the game as they are very much power but you will have to keep leveling up in order to make them useful for your clan. Hog riders have a very high power and you will see them in maximum raids. So keep the Raiders upgraded with these gems. If you don’t have the gems, then use a hack for clash of clans 2018.

Boosting: If you are planning to play this game for a long time then boosting the dark barracks, spell factory and the barracks is a good strategy. If you can keep all the troops that can be trained very fast then it will help you to boost the barracks and make them raid other villages again and again with very minimal downtime. In this way, you can also get the resources or the trophies quickly and it will help you to keep the enemy raiders at the bay. So if you’re planning on playing this game for some solid hours then it is a great decision to boost everything and play constantly.

These are some of the few ways to spend the gems wisely. If you want then you can also fasten up the building procedure if you have enough gems. If you are lacking gems then you can also use many websites that will help you to generate these free gems. But do not provide any personal information as it can lead to fraudulent activities. At the start the game will give you some amount of gems so does not spend them hastily and wait for the perfect time.