Clash Royale is a very famous and addictive game where your job is to break the tower of your opponent within the stipulated time. Here in this game, you can find many similar things like the Clash of Clans like gems, gold resources, troops, and weapons. You will have to buy some troops and train or upgrade them and then participate in the chest. If the team fails to break the tower then they will get an additional 1 minute. As you won’t be able to control the movement of your troops so it is recommended to build a strong troop or to read some tips on getting clash royale gems.

Tips on the clan chest

To run the clan is quite a hard job no matter how well you manage them. The clan chest helps you to analyze what kind of troops you need while recruiting. If you choose the inactive members then it will make you lose the game in the initial stages. And the Crown production will also fall down. If you want to reach the level 10 then you will need 1600 crowns and you will have to do it within 3 days. If you have the best clan where there are 50 active members then you can easily produce 32 crowns each day. So you need a clan that can constantly produce the crowns.

In this game of Clash Royale, you can see that people drop their trophies. Though it may look scary for some who have worked hard to gain those trophies. If you fight with someone then they will have the exact number of trophies that you have. So it will make the game harder for you to win so you can easily drop some trophies and compete with some other team and gain 3 stars quite easily. It is not fair to do this but it is quite fun.

If you reach the area where your tower is at least two levels higher than the other competitors then you can easily compete with other players.

Do not just opt for a similar type of troop. You should make a true that has both aerial troops as well as a ground troop. The aerial troop will help you to destroy the opponent and the tower from the above and in this way, they can survive the attack of the ground level troops and can easily reach the middle tower.

Store huge amount of resources to train the troops and buy the stronger troops. Upgrade the troop and their weapons.

You can see the guide to winning the clan chest. You can also use some hacks or generate tools for getting more gems or resources to play the game with ease. You can also try theĀ tutorials but make sure that you have a proper strategy. As this is an addictive game so with every leveling up you will need more time to upgrade everything and train the troop. The leveling up will also help you to unlock many new stronger troops.